Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Woman Perfume by Olla Ramlan - The first celebrity perfume in ASIA and Indonesia

The Woman Perfume by Olla Ramlan New StyleThe Woman Perfume by Olla Ramlan is The first celebrity perfume in ASIA and Indonesia, Such as Hollywood celebrities Sarah Jessica Parker, Britney Spears , until Jennifer Lopez, is a famous artist who also launch perfume with the name of each. Generally, these celebrities are icons of a certain style, so that they "establish" themselves through the perfume.

It seems that the trend launched perfume brand yourself also been transmitted to Indonesia. This is done Olla Ramlan , an indonesian pretty actress.

Why do I launched this perfume (The Woman Perfume by Olla Ramlan) is because I think it's time for Indonesia to have a local perfume with international quality. This perfume producers are producers who also make perfumes for Sarah Jessica Parker and Sean Comb (Puff Daddy). My personal reason to brave out the suggestion of perfume is my husband. Thus, perfume under the company VOL (Vera Olla Lifestyle) was created from love, "Olla said at the launch.

the woman sexy perfumeOlla explains, the sexy perfume is based on 4 characters and roles in the life of a woman, The Believer, The Dreamer, The Fashionistas, and The Lover. The sides are interlocked and form themselves. Based on the same inspiration Olla creates perfume packaging with a diamond-like shape, because diamond consists of various sides.

The aroma of the woman perfume is used to describe the last four characters are a mixture of lilies, silk roses, and a little musk scent for finishing touches. According to Olla, perfume is suitable for everyday use because they smelled quite mild and gentle. This perfume was released at a price of $.42.00 or IDR 387.000.

Olla Ramlan has her own philosophy for the name. Olla divided four type of Woman in her self, the dreamer, the believer, the fashionista, and the lover. each has their own huge will to be stand out yet beautifully strong, Olla create this parfume with a soft lily and silk rose scent.

Okay, you can check the detail at her website there you'll see that she has the best website in Indonesia! , very nice .

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