Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Victoria Beckham's Future Fashion

Victoria Beckham's Future Fashion TrulyRecently Victoria Beckham reap success in her business of clothes, No wonder if support continues to flow to Victoria to continue working. One was from her friend, British singer Dave Bowers.

Dave apparently wants Victoria Beckham wouldn't go back into the music industry, but focus on becoming a designer. According to him, the world of fashion is the real future of David Beckham's wife that

"I think Victoria should focus on fashion design. Because for everything related to fashion a clear future," Dave said .

Victoria does have more on vocal ability indeed. And he didn'ot deny it.

"Victoria were the first person who says it's not like Mariah Carey's figure, but she could popularize a song. She could not have contributed to make the famous 'Spice Girls', if herself could not sing," Dave added.

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