Friday, August 13, 2010

Christina Hendricks show breast on GQ magazine

Christina Hendrick Topless GQ Photo on Magazine
Sexy Actress Christina Hendrick became one of the most seductive celebrity in Hollywood circles. Because, Christina breast size is so big and sexy, that's almost made everyone notice her looks. Even not only that, she also received an award as one of the sexiest stars by a prestigious magazine. Departure from this reason, Christina returned to action of showing her breasts.

An American star, Christina Hendricks was selected as the sexiest actress of the year 2010 by readers of Esquire magazine. Christina even reply to his victory by presenting sensual action, namely to show off the breast on the cover of British GQ magazine , September 2010 edition.

Lingerie-themed photo shoot became the overall theme of the photo-shoots was done by Christina. when graced the cover of GQ magazine, the star of the "Mad Men" movie looks very sexy and feminine in the red dress. The dress revealing Christina cleavage so clearly, so her large breasts protruding out

Christina Hendrick Breast

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