Saturday, October 16, 2010

Katy Perry became Victoria's Secret lingerie model

Katy perry hot sexy photoKaty Perry in the near future will try out the other side of the entertainment world, shee will be a sexy lingerie catwalk model of Victoria's Secret .

Apparently, the beautiful and sexy star is likely to begin to master the catwalk. The plan, she would scandalize the catwalk with her amazing performance. The rising singer who was mentioned will enliven runway lingerie brand's top Victoria's Secret.

Side by side with famous models in the same stage makes Katy being nervous. However, Katy said she would prepare themselves with extra training for her appearance at the annual parade Victoria's Secret lingerie can be a maximum.

Katy perry naked pose
"Maybe I'll do some extratraining, so I can look up with them," she said, as quoted Stuff, Thursday [10-14-2010].

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