Friday, November 26, 2010

Hottest female celebrities who has a hobby of gambling

As we know that many Hollywood stars are involved in gambling business, some of them have casino gambling place like Tila Tequila and there're only a fan of gambling. Recenlty in San Jose California, there are a lot popular celebrities visited the 'LA Poker Classic', including the good-looking ones and the not so good looking ones also..

..Those players aren't likely to keep a poker face when playing against. The hot celebrities and starlets list included the following:

Cameron Diaz
Heather Graham
Jenna Fischer
Jennie Garth
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jenny McCarthy
Joanna Krupa
Lacey Chabert
Laura Prepon
Mena Suvari
Odette Yustman
Pamela Anderson
Rosario Dawson
Sarah Silverman
Serinda Swan
Traci Bingham

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From this event , who become the top female poker players like Vanessa Rousso, Shannon Elizabeth, Jennifer Tilly and Tiffany Michelle, were also on the list. Who was then the Hottest Celebrity Poker Face was the question unanswered..., world of gambling, really offers an enticing a real money , maybe..


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