Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Cindy Crawford is one of the most well-known models in the world, whose modeling career has spanned three decades and led to other opportunities such as acting and product endorsements. Cynthia Ann Crawford was born on February 20th, 1966 to John Crawford and Jennifer Moluf. At the age of 16 she was discovered by a newspaper photographer who insisted on taking her photo while she was pollinating corn. The positive results convinced her to quit her summer job and pursue modeling. She spent two summers with Elite Model Management in Chicago, but then decided to put her modeling career on hold.

She graduated as the valedictorian from De Kalb High School, and went on to pursue a degree in chemical engineering at Northwestern University. After one semester though, she left school to once again start modeling. She appeared on the cover of Vogue within months of returning to her modeling career, and her all-American looks attracted both men and women. She worked with a photographer named Victor Skrebenski in Chicago for awhile, but then moved to New York City in 1986 after becoming more successful as a model.

Cindy quickly found herself working with prestigious fashion designers and appearing on all the popular fashion magazines, becoming one of the first supermodels. She also gave herself an approachable image by talking publicly of her personal hardships. In 1988, Cindy was the first modern supermodel to appear in Playboy. Shortly after, she began hosting MTV's fashion show House of Style, which she went on to host for six years.

In 1991, Cindy married Richard Gere, but the couple divorced in 1995. While married, rumors of her sexuality arose, in part due to her appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair in 1993 with the openly lesbian singer K.D. Lang. Cindy went on to sign contracts with several huge names, including Kay Jewelers, Pepsi, and Revlon. She also formed her own company, Crawdaddy Inc.

In 1995, Cindy starred in the film Fair Game, but the film was a flop. She married the entrepreneur Rande Gerber in 1998, who she had two children with - Presley in 1999 and Kaya in 2001. Cindy also appeared in another issue of Playboy in 1998. In recent years Cindy has toned down her modeling and led a more family-based life. She also has branched off into other areas, launching her own line of beauty products, her own fragrances, and even home furnishings. Cindy Crawford continues to be one of the world's most well-known and recognizable faces.


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