Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Luna Maya being number 1 top celebrity Indonesia

luna maya in bikini style
Luna Maya headed his career as the model. The woman that had high 173 cm this then entered to the world of acting in 2004 throughout 30 Mencari Cinta days. In this film, Luna that also the full brother from the National surfer Tipi Jabrik played the leading figure Barbara, a pretty girl nan the section that became the idol of all the men. This was the first Luna role as the leading figure of the antagonist.

The Indonesian girl with Bali blood this still was seen in his native village coast was talking cheerful the style doggy with a dog in the coast, sure if hearing the sexy artist or the news was somewhat pleasant about the artist immediately was busy, our people... in fact the Luna this only was normal then bathed in the coast...hehe.

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