Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top 5 great perfumes in the world

For those who like sweet perfume to scent the body. it's good to know about what perfume is now in top 4 in the world. So there's no harm in knowing these perfumes that are not outdated.

Famous and precious perfume called "liquid diamonds". Although expensive as the price of diamonds, remain fascinating "heart" of the lovers of beauty.
Formulated by Bijan, famous designer brand clothing, the most expensive perfume, has a strong fragrance and filled with the mystery of the east world, every ounce (approximately 28 grams) price is $.300.
Bijan perfumeJoy
Recommended by Jean Patou, a designer of clothes from Paris, the fragrance of jasmine flowers can really bring joy to the women, every ounce of $.230 .
joy perfumeTiffany
An elegant European style, mainly containing the scent of jasmine and rose flowers, mingled with the scent of the forest as a base, every ounce of $.200 .
Tiffany fragrance perfume
The smell of perfume, the most suitable for the most fashionable and romantic women. Issued by the Ungaro Company , $.190 per ounce
diva perfume

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